Chair massage is so adaptable, practitioners have the ability to work anywhere. An abundance of opportunities awaits when you are trained in chair massage. You have the knowledge and equipment to go to your clients and meet their needs.

Here is a compilation of popular locations where people want and greatly benefit from bodywork and especially chair massage.


1. Seniors residences/community centers – these locations allow seniors and others to benefit from your services without the high price tag or having to leave their home or community. An arrangement can be made with the establishment to allow you a quiet room to do your bodywork in and payment can be made by the client at the time of the massage. Thus allowing them to drop in for a few minutes or prebook with you for a longer time. This greatly benefits everyone involved.


2. Sporting events – Competitions can be the perfect venue to set up your massage chair. Start asking organizations about setting up at their events and work out the logistics of setting up at their sporting event.


3. Expos, markets, and conventions – Events like home and garden shows, trade shows, health and wellness fairs attract a lot of traffic and an unlimited supply of people who would gladly pay you for a 10-minute massage to fix the kink in their neck. Contacting venue planners can be a great place to start, most will have online applications and charge a fee per space to set up. these events can be quite lucrative and provide lots of exposure for you and your business. Be prepared with lots of handouts and business cards.


4. Business Offices – Tight muscles caused by sitting at a desk, especially at a workstation that is not ergonomically designed, can impede blood and lymph flow. by bringing chair massage to the office space can relieve mental fogginess, decreased energy and susceptibility to repetitive stress injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common in today’s workplace. Contact the human resource department and emphasize the benefits of offering their employees your services onsite. Such as increased productivity and retention rates, a decline in absenteeism and ergonomic-related injuries, as well as decreased stress levels.

Now, depending on the space you decide to work in, being reimbursed can come in different forms:


Direct Client Payment – this is where you charge clients directly for their massage. Usually, people will pay for a $10 for a 10-minute massage without a fuss. And you can generate a good income and pick up future bookings.


Second-party reimbursement – this refers to the company, sponsor, or organization has a contract with you to give massage for an agreed upon block of time. The client does not pay you for the massage, instead the company, sponsor or organization pays you and uses this as a tool within their organization.


Volunteer – while volunteering your time does not pay it does bring clients into your circle. People who wouldn’t normally book a massage will be more willing to give it a try when it is offered for free and they could turn into raving fans and tell all their friends. Just remember to always have permission to work at your desired location.